Redefining brilliance in Bluetooth wireless audio and Good bass without that extra space

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Redefining brilliance in Bluetooth wireless audio

Designed for use in your cozy living room or bedroom, the BT SPK is a premium wireless Bluetooth speaker that is ideally used with any compatible stereo Bluetooth device such as a mobile phone or notebook computer.

Wireless music sharing
Share your music with anyone, wirelessly from virtually anywhere in the room.Works with any compatible stereo Bluetooth device
From a range of up to 15 meters from the Bluetooth speaker, wirelessly stream music from any compatible stereo Bluetooth device such as your mobile phone, notebook,

World-class tuning and audiophile-like quality
Delivering sound with striking accuracy, detail and atmospheric feel is a breeze with its world-class acoustic tuning and modeling.

Convenient button access
Volume control and the Bluetooth connect buttons are conveniently placed for easy access.

Good bass without that extra space
An integrated bass port at the rear allows you to save space and still bask in the heart-thumping low frequencies, as there isn't a need for a separate subwoofer. Combine that with its high-performance full range drivers with efficient digital amplifiers and you get to enjoy a complete audiophile-like experience.

Versatile connectivity options
While it works flawlessly with any compatible stereo Bluetooth device, the speaker also allows for a wired connection via its AUX-in port for other portable devices without Bluetooth connectivity.

Wireless audio for your computer
Don't fret even if your computer does not come with stereo Bluetooth built-in. Give it wireless audio streaming capabilities instantly with the BT Bluetooth USB transmitter. It pairs with it in mere seconds and also works with other wireless speakers.

Technical Data
PP woofer 5" x1 (bottom)       
drives 2.5"x2
wooden box
Designer cover       
3.5mm in
RCA input
bluetooth and cable switcher   
wooden box built-in drives all inside
Box size:500X180X180CM    
Weight: 5.6kg         
Auto paring       
CSR ® BC05 Bluetooth /2.4G wireless.        
Support Bluetooth v4.0 / iphone OS 5.1 / iMac / iPod / mp3 player / A2DP mobile phones / notebooks
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