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Bluetooth SIG Launches Resources for App Developers

Last year’s launch of Bluetooth v4.0 unleashed a wave of new Bluetooth Smart devices which provide developers the opportunity to create the next generation of software applications that will transform the way consumers interact with their technology. The Bluetooth Developer Portal houses a collection of resources including training tools, interactive forums, quick-start guides, and webinars to help developers create new and innovative applications using standardized Bluetooth data profiles.
As part of its developer education and training initiative, the SIG is also offering a series of free Bluetooth developer webinars that begin April 30. The webinars will provide practical training on Bluetooth application and device design and implementation.
“Because Bluetooth technology is a cross-platform global standard, the opportunity for app developers is bound only by their imagination,” said Michael Foley, Ph.D, executive director of the Bluetooth SIG. “The Bluetooth Developer Portal aims to help unleash some of this creativity. For example, SIG member company Wahoo Fitness already has more than 80 smartphone applications that work with the company’s heart rate monitor. This is just one device. Imagine the possibilities when you consider there are seven billion Bluetooth devices.”
The launch of the Bluetooth Developer Portal comes on the heels of another significant milestone for the SIG – an all-time high membership of 16,000. SIG membership is growing at a record pace, having surpassed 15,000 just five months earlier. This unprecedented member growth has been spurred on by the quick adoption of Bluetooth v4.0 by member companies in the sports, fitness, health and medical fields, as well as the technology’s continued stronghold and steady growth in the automotive and consumer electronics markets.
“With 16,000 members and five million Bluetooth enabled products shipping daily, the ubiquity of our ever-growing network of devices is what separates Bluetooth technology from other wireless technologies,” said Suke Jawanda, chief marketing officer at the Bluetooth SIG. “Now, with the launch of our Developer Portal we expect to see more innovative products and applications from our members, adding new functionality to the gadgets we use daily and making them better with Bluetooth technology.”
For more information on designing and developing Bluetooth devices and applications visit http://developer.bluetooth.org. For webinar details, visit the Bluetooth developer webinars page.

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Time: 4-20-2013

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