Our ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facilities have met the stringent requirements for many companies such as Lidl,IBM and Tchibo. Meekom on this website contain the same high quality we supply to all our Original Equipment Manufacturer customers. If you are an OEM we have the solution for customized Headphone to match your application. Ask our OEM specialist for a free quote today.


OEM Services Capabilities and Solutions.

Experienced and dedicated OEM Specialist Team 
Advanced Engineering Support for prototypes 
Custom build items to your specs per project 
Our Standard designs are easily converted to suit most custom needs 
Custom paint matching and product labeling 
Traceable engraved manufactured date, location, model #, on your items 
Custom boxing/pallet solutions to insure safe shipment of your finished cylinders 
Custom Power Unit Team experienced in AC/DC and headphone power units 
International Manufacturing Facilities in North America & South East Asia


Bailey Core values: 
Treat everyone with the highest level of respect 
Be honest, fair, and always do the right thing 
Take pride in your individual performance 
Put ideas to work to create a better future 
International Client List: 
Toyota – Japan 
Yes Carity – Hong Kong & Malaysia 
Yodata – South Africa 

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