Site Advantages and Description
Our factory is located in Dongguan which is one of the most developed cities in China. It is just 20 minutes' drive from our factory to the local airport and 30 minutes' drive to the resident and commercial center of Shenzhen. There are many highways near our factory. It is very convenient to reach us.

Materials and Components
70% of the materials are from Taiwan area and the rest are from Mainland China. the company now possesses 30000 square meters plant building and 30 cycles of automatic production line including in house SMT production line Painting and slik printing line.


OEM Capability
We would like to accept OEM orders for all our products and any buyers' logos and labels are accepted. We can guarantee to give same quality to OEM orders as required and we are experienced with this kind of service any requirement with design of OEM orders are welcome.

Details of Design Services Offered
The customers just need to give us the ideas with products then we will finish designing the outlook of products in one week in the meantime the rest detailed work will be done in 15 days.

The R&D staff in Meekom are all experts in computer-radio-digital field, product design enhancement of product efficiency and market analysis. We always engage in the development of new products according to the existing products and the needs of current market. New products are designed with a view to meeting new requirements from users and improved performance. It takes 3 month for us to develop a new product of improved quality. We always enjoy any challenges in the field of R&D all the time.

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